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Visiting the dentist shouldn't be scary, it should be confidence-inspiring! That's why we have accumulated some of the industry's best technology and safety techniques to make sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and confident every time you visit Perfect Smiles Dentistry.

Not only have we built an incredibly modern office, but we also created a modern environment with high-quality technology and training to ensure that you have a 5-star experience. Scroll down to learn more about the technology and amenities that we utilize at Perfect Smiles Dentistry.

In order to help our patients relax and enjoy their appointments we offer complementary drinks, blankets and even have a system to allow patients to simply raise their hands whenever they need a break during a procedure. It truly is all about our patients at Perfect Smiles Dentistry.

patient comfort and technology

At our dental office in Chandler, we provide comprehensive dental treatment for everyone in a warm environment free of judgement and discomfort. We know that most people don't enjoy visiting the dentist, that's why we go above the status quo to ensure that each and every patient leaves our practice with a positive experience. Whether you visit Perfect Smiles Dentistry for a simple check-up, a full mouth restoration, or an Invisalign consultation, our team strives to make every patient feel at home. Perfect Smiles start here, contact us today to learn more and begin your smile journey.

Intraoral Camera. This allow dentist to point out any issues.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is the best way to understand what’s going on in your mouth. An intraoral camera is a tool your dental hygienist or dentist uses to examine your mouth in as detailed a way as possible. Certain dental procedures can be difficult to diagnose, like when it’s hard to tell if a tooth has a cavity or if it’s simply a dark spot on the tooth’s surface. Intraoral cameras are becoming more and more common and can be used to take high-quality pictures that can be seen in real-time. These images allow dentists to point out any issues and discuss them with you immediately, allowing us to increase transparency and education of treatment plans.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays help dentists save time and identify dental issues better because they’re more efficient and far safer than traditional film x-rays.  Digital x-rays allow our team to capture images on a digital sensor which are then transferred to a computer. Digital x-rays are a great way to get a fuller view of what’s going on inside your mouth. The x-rays allow dentists to see things like bone loss and tooth decay and identify any other issues that may be developing inside your mouth. The additional benefit of digital x-rays is that they are instantly available for diagnosis and Dr. Williams can show you exactly what is happening in your mouth with our chair-side monitor.

Digital X-Rays helps dentists save time and identify dental issues better
CT/Cone Beam Scanner. It's a painless procedure that can be used to assess bone structure

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

A CT/Cone Beam Scanner is a type of X-ray machine that takes multiple X-ray images from different angles. It then stitches together these images to create a full 3D model of your entire mouth. It’s a painless procedure that can be used to assess bone structure, the position of teeth and jaw, soft tissue, and the presence of any oral pathology. The CT/Cone Beam Scanner is a marvel of modern technology and is only used in advanced cases such as dental implants and full mouth restorations to ensure that Dr. Williams and our expert dental team at Perfect Smiles Dentistry has the full picture before beginning an advanced treatment plan.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Lasers and dentistry have been linked together for the past three decades due to the precision and efficiency of laser technology. Through research and development, dental laser technology is now at an advanced stage that allows dentists like Dr. Williams and our skilled team to utilize soft tissue lasers for multiple procedures from gingivectomies to periodontal treatments such as crown lengthening and removing excess gum tissue. Laser therapy will not harm your existing hard dental tissue like enamel and only requires minimal local anesthetic due to the accuracy of modern soft tissue lasers. We truly are living in the future as laser technology and dentistry go hand in hand!

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

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