Perfect Smiles Celebrates Halloween 2021

Perfect Smiles Celebrates Halloween 2021

November 12, 2021
5 Min Read
Perfect Smiles Celebrates Halloween 2021

The Perfect Smiles Dentistry Team Dressed As Whiteclaws For Halloween 2021

By the end of the holiday Dr. Williams was all tuckered out! October 31st has come and gone once again, but at Perfect Smiles Dentistry, we’re still reeling from the excitement of Halloween and all the treats it brought with it! Our staff here in Chandler dressed up as their favorite flavors of Whiteclaws and made sure that our patients were suitably scared into booking appointments that same evening! We hope you all had a happy Halloween, and if you missed out on seeing us in action this year, make sure you follow our blog to find out when we decide to have our next costume party!

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