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why choose perfect smiles dentistry for family dentistry?

Affordable Treatments

Our team never recommends excessive treatment plans or try and squeeze money out of you. As a private practice we prioritize our patients above all else.

Flexible Scheduling

Have a busy schedule? Our team understands, we can always work with your schedule to help you get the care you need on your schedule.

Family First Dentistry

We accept patients of all ages and welcome you to bring your entire family to stay ahead of dental issues and costs.

dental team who cares about your family

While many dentists and dental offices say they care, we truly go above and beyond at Perfect Smiles Dentistry. Dr. Williams has two young daughters of his own and every time he has a child in his chair he thinks of how he would want his daughter to be treated. We think of our team here as a family and we can't wait to meet your family and help improve your entire family's oral health.

Children's Tooth Decay

Children's Tooth Decay

why do children's teeth decay so quickly?

Children tend to be quite susceptible to tooth decay because of how delicate their baby teeth are. Making sure to properly take care of them as early on as possible will ensure their adult teeth will grow into the correct position. Decay will cause enamel to break down as bacteria feeds on the leftover food and beverage particles that do not get properly cleaned. If the bacteria continues to form, cavities may start to develop. 

what are the signs of children tooth decay?

Early signs of child tooth decay can come in a couple of different forms. If you start to see white spots forming on their teeth, those spots can turn brown after time and signal the development of cavities. If a cavity does develop, it will need to be cleaned out immediately to prevent a more severe type of tooth decay. Ideally, you should be brushing your child’s teeth, until they learn to properly clean them, twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Sticky and sugary foods should also be limited in their diet.

Children's oral habits

why is it important to emphasize oral habits with children?

Right as your child’s first tooth grows in, they will be at risk of developing tooth decay. Their baby teeth are softer and thinner than adult teeth and are more likely to have more issues. Until your child is comfortable enough brushing their own teeth, you should be sure to help them brush properly. Fluoride toothpaste helps rebuild enamel that will help with the prevention of tooth decay and is the ideal type of toothpaste to use for your child. Another great preventative for your child would be to schedule appointments with us twice a year for professional teeth cleaning that will help get rid of any plaque build-up that could lead to the development of cavities. 

what are common bad habits?

Making sure your child’s adult teeth grow into the proper position is important for their future oral health. Bad habits could minimize the chances of proper positioning which should be broken sooner rather than later. The most important bad habit to break is not brushing teeth. It’s easy for a child to skip out on brushing their teeth at night or in the morning but making sure to brush at least twice a day will help minimize the risks of developing cavities. In younger kids, we see thumb sucking as an issue that can lead to misalignment and buck teeth. Over time, this bad habit could lead to the alteration of their jaw bone structure and various other oral health issues.

Why is it important to emphasize oral habits with children

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