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why choose perfect smiles dentistry for replacing missing teeth?

Modern, Customized Restorations

All of our restorations and missing teeth repair options are made custom to you with cutting-edge dental composites and materials.

Compassionate Dental Team

We know replacing missing teeth can be an emotional procedure from start to finish. Our team is here to help in a judgement free zone.

Quick Turnaround Times

We work precisely and carefully to ensure we don't damage any surrounding tissue to help you recover quickly from procedures.

Rebuild your confidence at Perfect Smiles

Missing one or more teeth can have a deep impact on your daily quality of life. It can make tasks such as drinking, eating and speaking very difficult. The good news is that we can easily and quickly rebuild your smile. When considering a dental office for missing teeth repair it is important to find a qualified dental team that has experience with a variety of treatments. At Perfect Smiles Dentistry we have everything you need to rebuild your smile under one roof!

Dental Implant - are the sturdiest option for tooth replacements

dental implants

Implants are the sturdiest option for tooth replacements. At Perfect Smiles, we can fully replace the appearance and function of your missing teeth with dental implants that will mimic the feel of your natural teeth without affecting neighboring teeth. Dental implants will last decades with proper care and they make cleaning and maintenance simple. Let us help you get back to smiling!

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dental bridges

What are dental bridges?

A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces a missing tooth by bridging together a fake tooth with surrounding crowns all made from porcelain. Bridges are custom-made to blend in with your natural teeth, improve the esthetic of your mouth and give you back full functionality. This procedure requires two visits to our office and is rather painless. When you leave after the second appointment, you’ll be feeling brand new!

Do i need a dental bridge?

You would need a dental bridge for a variety of reasons. Missing teeth will cause misalignment in your mouth that may lead to an altered facial shape, chewing, speaking, and biting issues, and possible health issues. Bridges are made to enhance the longevity of your oral hygiene and make taking care of your new and existing teeth much easier. This permanent solution is a reliable cemented restoration that could last upwards of 15 years and will give you back functionality and aesthetics.

Dental Bridges - dental restoration that replaces a missing tooth
Dentures - restore the appearance of your natural teeth


What are dentures?

The purpose of dentures is to restore the appearance of your natural teeth after experiencing severe tooth loss and is ideal for those whose bone density is poor. They come in two varieties: partial dentures and complete dentures. Depending on the need of the individual, one or both types of dentures may be used. They are designed to fit into your mouth like natural teeth so that they will look and function like your original teeth.

Are dentures a good option?

Denture prosthetics are made to resemble your natural gum line and teeth while providing you with a healthy, natural-looking smile. Suction keeps the dentures stable and immobile in your mouth. The denture will resemble a horseshoe in which the palate portion will cover the roof of your mouth while the arch with the artificial teeth will be up along your gum line. Filling out your face with this removable tooth replacement will help you maintain your face’s healthy shape as well as allowing you to resume your daily diet. If you are interested in dentures but want a more permanent solution we recommend considering dental implants.

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Looking for a dentist that can take care of the whole family? You came to the right place! Dr. Williams is an experienced family dentist.

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cosmetic dentistry

Looking to get your Perfect Smile? You found the perfect dental team! Our staff of highly-trained cosmetic dentists and assistants are ready to help you smile again!

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Discover all of our restorative dentistry procedures at Perfect Smiles Dentistry from root canals to dental bridges and dental crowns!

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